Nightscapes by Absolut: Persona with Marianna Krawcysk

A masked ball, but not in the traditional sense; Absolut took its experimental series to São Paulo, where guests engaged in a spot of role play… 

We joined forces with acclaimed video game writer, Marianne Krawczyk to create a dramatic night out and bring back history’s greatest revelers. How? By blending immersive theatre with nightlife, of course.

Upon entering the Victor Hugo mansion, partiers in São Paulo were given an opportunity to become somebody entirely different for the evening. Each guest was given a brand new identity complete with a persona, story and handmade, customised costume. Well, we all want to escape ourselves sometimes, don’t we?

The live event meant that guests could curate their own experience. With no fourth wall, and all the normal theatre rules broken (no audience, no interval, and no applause), the 75-strong crowd became the artists of the night.

The guest of honor? Cleopatra, of course.