Tomorrow Today – an Absolut Art Bar by Seth Troxler

The renowned DJ collaborates with UK street artist RUN to bring a fully immersive art bar to the nightlife capital. 

If you happened to be in the pulsing heart of Ibiza’s nightlife during July 7th or 8th, you may well have found your perceptions of reality somewhat altered. 

If that sounds familiar then you probably encountered Tomorrow Today, our latest Absolut Art Bar. Brought to life by megastar DJ and award winning BBQ chef Seth Troxler, the installation created an environment that enticed people to step out of their boundaries and into a mini immersive world.

The best #AbsolutNights happen when unexpected connections are made. And this was another fine example. Seth teamed up with Italian street artist RUN (aka Giacomo Bufarini) and together the pair curated an enticing experience that helped everyone who visited to bond with food, drinks and music of the highest quality.

Upon entering the venue, Ibiza party goers were immediately transported somewhere else entirely. Troxler and RUN created a city space trapped between two worlds, where modern ideas of technology merged with human perceptions of mythical civilisations such as Atlantis and Paititi - the city of Gold.  

This wasn’t just concepted in the murals, music and nuanced light installations, but in the drinks menu too. The Artist Cocktails (also masterminded by multi-talented Seth Troxler) combined a mixture of old world earthy spices and citrus notes mixed with futuristic components. 

Reality was questioned, boundaries were shifted, and truly unforgettable #AbsolutNights were had by everyone who attended.