Discover the story behind the revolutionary bottle that inspires countless #AbsolutNights across the world.

An icon in its own right, the Absolut bottle and silhouette are recognized the world over. Here’s how it all began… 

The lightbulb moment
Back in the 1970s, when Absolut was known as ‘Absolut Rent Brännvin’ and before our Swedish vodka had even reached US shores, a team were tasked with creating a revolutionary new look that could stand out in American bars. 

Their challenge was to create a refreshingly new bottle design; the type of which had never been seen before and would break all existing conventions (no pressure there then!). 

Advertising exec Gunnar Broman had been thinking of ideas for months without a suitable solution. Feeling a little dejected after yet another day of countless sketches he decided to take a stroll through Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s oldest neighborhood. Ever the curious type, he peered into an antique shop’s window and spotted a traditional 18th-century apothecary bottle. And there it was, inspiration at last!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts
Instead of big paper labels on the bottles, the team wanted the clarity of the vodka to do the talking instead. So they decided to do what Absolut have always done – they broke conventions, this time by printing the text directly onto the bottle.

The calligraphy and Absolut logo were printed in blue to symbolise the purity of the vodka within, and of course, the silhouette of the Swedish king of vodka and Absolut founder L.O. Smith was added to the medallion. 

An icon
After breaking all design conventions, the bottle has gone on to earn its stripes as an icon. Like all your favourite heroes, it can be instantly recognised just by its silhouette.