• #AbsolutMunich – art hidden in your neighborhood

On Saturday July 19th, 2014 Absolut Vodka celebrated the completion of Munich by Absolut. This was the first time Absolut initiated the unique global event series “Locals by Absolut”, showcasing both the best established artists from the Munich scene along with its most promising talents in one complete artwork. Over 72 hours the seven young artists from different creative disciplines transformed the empty villa in Pullach, Munich into a colorful, creative space full of life and energy, using the existing structures and some of the interior left and combining them with their own creative expressions.

Munich by Absolut artists back row le. to ri. Ewald Wildtraut, Jessica Kallage Götze, Patricck Hartl, Sebastian Wandl (Haus 75), Philipp Frank, front row le. Betty Mü

Munich by Absolut artist Philip Frank and Ewald Wildtraut

Philipp Frank made a powerful first impression with the colourful, joyful and shiny entrance, mixing together signs, patterns and shapes in his very own style. Betty Mü stunned with her poetic video and light installation, creating tender patterns and forms on the wall with the projection of light through a net lace. Sebastian Wandl and Matthias Mross from the artist collective Haus75 created two rooms, one displaying a shipping tanker and the other a large truck in a rough atmosphere, both serving as reminders of the vacant villa waiting to be demolished. Farbenpracht Tattoo Studio’s artists Miriam Frank and Andrik Farbenpracht tattooed an intricate tale of a sailor and his quest to keep a hold of his home onto an old couch. Ewald Wildtraut came up with some fantastic interpretations of the house’s history and created fictitious characters with lives and stories that took place there. Jessica Kallage Götze displayed a wax figure lying on real grass surrounded by arrows, symbolizing the human connection to nature and the danger based around the human being. Last but not least, Patrick Hartl impressed with his explosion of illustrations, calligraphy, and digital compositing which carried through to the hallways of the house.



Munich by Absolut Sous-Vide workshop, from le. Richi Link, Axel Klubescheidt and Billy Fehn

The remarkable artwork and the effort put into each room were celebrated with an exceptional high-energy experience where party met art. Guests were encouraged to test their creative skills and tag some empty spaces with spray paint while local DJ’s Kill the Tills and Julietta provided a musical backdrop. As highlight, headliner Mike Skinner treated the crowd to a rousing DJ set that carried on to the small hours of the morning.

In the run up to the project, Germany’s Absolut Vodka Brand Ambassador Axel Klubescheidt created unique drinks with Munich’s top bartenders in a Sous-Vide workshop. Amongst others they invented a drink entitled “The Taste Of Munich”: A gooseberry, raspberry, coriander and lemon grass infused Absolut Vodka which was the signature drink of the evening. As the last happy guests filtered out at 5am, it was clear that Munich by Absolut was a great success and proved that art and creativity have a great transformative power and can be found everywhere, even hidden in the neighborhood.

Munich by Absolut artists Sebastian Wandl and Matthias Mross from Haus75 at work

Munich by Absolut artists Ewald Wildtraut at work

Munich by Absolut artists Andrik Farbenpracht and Miriam Frank from tattoo studio Farbenpracht at work

Munich by Absolut artist Jessica Kallage Götze

Munich by Absolut party in the garden

Munich by Absolut party in the garden

Munich by Absolut villa garden

Munich by Absolut fire show in the garden