Absolut Art Bar Miami Beach

And so it ends. After an week of art and celebrations, Art Basel 2013 concludes today. 

'Night Court' will be disassembled, and the pieces that were sold will be packed up and shipped to the collectors. 

With all endings come new beginnings, tomorrow, planning for the next Art Basel will begin. 

And so it ends. After an week of art and celebrations, Art Basel 2013 concludes today. 

'Night Court' will be disassembled, and the pieces that were sold will be packed up and shipped to the collectors. 

With all endings come new beginnings, tomorrow, planning for the next Art Basel will begin. 

Le Baron pop-up at Night Court pt. 2.

One More Time

On the final night of Art Basel Miami Beach, ‘Night Court’ was the place to be. Teaming up with the Le Baron crew, Absolut closed out a great week with their biggest event yet. 

The fair was over, but everyone still had at least one party left in them. Leaving it all on the court, guests danced the night away. Not ready for the fun to end, many of the guests headed to Shore Club for an after party that went until the morning.


Saturday at Night Court



Saturday at Night Court

Open 12 noon - 2 am

Performance by Ry Rocklen & friends
10 pm Le Baron pop-up
11 pm performance by Kelela

Ocean Front between 21st and 22nd. Map

Colorful Inspiration

In thinking back to the 30’s, the idea of strong Art Deco design and a bar cart serving martinis go hand in hand. Since then, both continue to be timeless icons, and have served as the inspiration for many new creations. 

There’s a story that when the Cosmopolitan was invented, the bartender simply wanted to make a pastel pink drink for the waitresses at their bar. Starting with a classic martini glass, he created a fruity remix — a fun colorful drink for a new age. In the same way, the light hues of pink, blue, and yellow paint on the buildings of Miami brought new life into the classic Art Deco structures. 

Built in the 30s, many of the hotels on Miami Beach were worn down 50 years later. Some developers wanted to reshape the entire beach with an updated 1970s aesthetic however, luckily, fans of art deco architecture made their case that Miami Beach needed its own style. 

Much like the Cosmopolitan, what started as an experiment, turned into a movement. In the early 80s, a man named Leonard Horowitz convinced Friedman’s Bakery to let him paint their building pink and yellow. After appearing on the cover of Progressive Architecture magazine, many other buildings followed suit. Quickly, many the hotels that had been labeled relics of faded glory were reborn in a colorful new way.

Because of this strong belief that something new could be created by transforming something classic, Miami Beach is one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Photos: Sesse Lind

The Cocktail Companion

On Thursday night, Absolut hosted a dinner at The Standard Hotel, celebrating their art bar collaboration with Ry Rocklen. As a gift to the attendees of the dinner, Absolut published a hardcover cocktail companion, which presents each of their art bar collaborations, along with the cocktail recipes created by the artists for their installation.  

Inspired by the colors and architecture of Miami, the book is a perfect memento of a perfect week.

Design: Frankenstein Studio

Having already combed through the official Art Basel Miami show, today is a good day to check out some of the satellite fairs. These smaller art fairs are spread out around the city, and give up-and-coming artists a chance to be seen in the halo of the larger fair. On a beautiful sunny day, strolling between the tents along the beach is a perfect was to pass the time. Just as the sun comes down, and it’s a bit too cool for a walk on the beach, Ry Rocklen will be participating in an artist conversation at the Art Basel Convention Center. 

Saturday is also the last night of the week for many down in Miami, tomorrow, scores of people will head home with stories, inspiration, and possibly some new art for their collections. With one last chance to go-all out, tonight should definitely be fun for everyone.

Friday night at Night Court

Friday at Night Court

Open 12 noon - 2 am

7 pm TMO live
8 pm Bouquet
9 pm DJYSL

Ocean Front between 21st and 22nd. Map

As the end of the week arrives, there are no more VIP previews and all the special openings have opened. There are a few less private jets in the airport and Rolls Royces on the street, but Miami is more bustling than before.

Art fans and party seekers have arrived from around the country to enjoy a weekend of art, events, beaches and sun. The day’s best bets are to start it off at the Blood Mary bar hosted at the Absolut art bar, and to then head over to take a long look at the Art Basel exhibition. Later in the evening, head over the to W Hotel for a relaxing film dinner on the lawn under the calm night sky. After the movie, the possibilities are endless… after all, it’s Friday night in Miami.  

Le Baron at Playboy Theatre pt. 2

Bunnies Abound at Le Baron

One of the most charming aspects of Miami is its celebration of the classics. All along Collins Avenue there are Art Deco hotels with Sinatra tunes playing in the lobby and a pastel palette that will never be updated to follow the trends. On the north side of the beach, lies a living monument of another timeless classic, the Playboy Threatre. 

Sixty years after launching the magazine, Playboy and its bunnies still know how to host a party. Stepping out of the small rooms in which Le Baron often appears, the infamous club joined forces with the expansive Playboy Theatre for a night in which no one knew what to expect. 

In this case, we’ll let the pictures tell the story. 

Thursday night

Ry Rocklen VIP dinner at the Standard Hotel and drinks at Night Court.

Skål to Ry Rocklen

There are endless ways to describe something as beautiful. Every now and then, a person will come across a setting so perfect, there is no need to reshape its description to be anything other than exactly what it is: Beautiful.
Each guest at last night’s Absolut Dinner for Ry Rocklen at the Standard Hotel was presented with this rare occurrence. There was only one word to describe it. 

Rocklen, who has personally hosted each event at his ‘Night Court’ installation, had a moment to just relax and be celebrated by a mix of friends, family, and fans that will be covering his show in the press. 

During the dinner, The Absolut Company CEO, Paul Duffy, spoke to how art has been at the core of brand since its earliest days, and how embracing the creativity of artists allows it to constantly rethink the possibilities of how a vodka company should present itself.
The words hung in the air, at that moment, each guest experiencing the manifestation of this philosophy. 

Photos: Sesse Lind

Thursday at Night Court

Open 12 noon - 2 am

7pm Barry Johnston
10pm Nite Jewel

Ocean Front between 21st and 22nd. Map

There is no better way to start a day at Art Basel than a conversation with artist Doug Aitken, who kicks off a series of artist talks this morning with the support of Absolut.

With perfect weather in the forecast, it also seems like the great day to hit the beach and go for a swim. Once the sun goes down, Absolut then has another busy night starting with VIP dinner hosted by Ry Rocklen at The Standard Hotel, followed by performances from Barry Johnston and Nite Jewel at ‘Night Court’.

After that, its a tough choice between another the Le Baron pop-up appearing tonight at the Playboy Theatre or Tiki Disco at the Gale Hotel. Either way, it looks like another amazing day at Art Basel. 

Le Baron Pop-Ups Take Over Miami

No matter what county it is, or what the venue is, any time Mr. A’s hat appears on the door of a club, marking it with the scarlet letter of the debaucherous Le Baron, there is surely to be the best kind of trouble inside. Almost as if to prove the point many times over, Mr. A and his crew have a  plan to becomes the kings Miami nightlife by taking over a different club every night, transforming each with their unique brand of fun. 

With a reputation known the world over, everyone wants to get in on the action, however, only a select few will ever get in. Luckily we’re going to be there each night. Check where to find Le Baron each night below:

Tuesday: SL at The James Royal Palm Hotel
Wednesday: Florida Room at The Delano
Thursday: Playboy Threatre
Friday: Pearl, Nikki Beach
Saturday: Pearl Nikki Beach
Sunday: The Wall, W Hotel

Wednesday night at Night Court

"People say, you know, everything is fashion nowadays, well I think everything is furniture. Ry seems to be on the same wavelength.”