Absolut Texas, a bold bottle for a bold state

Everything is bigger in Texas. It’s a common statement that first referred to the sheer size of the state, but became of a reflection of the attitude of the population. Big, bold and proud is the Texas way.

When Absolut teamed up with local artist Cruz Ortiz to create a design for the Absolut Texas limited edition bottle, Cruz wanted to think big.

At the beginning of the project, when Ortiz described the elements that he wanted to put into the design, he suggested mustaches, cowboy clothes, sunburns, lightning, and 70’s space technology - a nod to the first space missions out of Houston. It was a lot to fit on a bottle, but then again, this was Texas.

To make the idea work, the design presents cowboy boot - possibly the most iconic piece of clothing in the world, and overlays it on a background of stars, an homage to both the space program, and Texas’ identity as the Lone Star state. With the canvas set, Cruz was then able to add in the elements of the design to fill in the cultural references to the place he calls home.

Each piece fits together into a unique mesh of culture that defines the Texas attitude towards life - always thinking big.

In the end, it was the perfect bottle for this cucumber and serrano chili favored vodka that added a kick to any cocktail it’s made with.