Dress the Part(y)

It is at night, when roaming the streets of New York City, that we realize how much fashion is part of the scene as a constant, vibrant yet silent celebration of taste. Take note of these ladies, and a gent: they have nailed their look and created quite the following. We spoke to them about their clothes, club life and favorite cocktails.

Ryan Jaso

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Ryan Jaso is creating quite the music empire. Founder of WhiteLite Productions, Manager at Technique Management, Label Manager of SIZE and X Records. And he’s got style - as a buyer of the men’s clothing store, Lobby, Ryan continues to be one of the best dressed guys around.

Number of years you’ve been in the club scene?

13 plus - I was hooked from the beginning.

Describe your quintessential night out outfit:
Just depends, I’m constantly trying to change it up, when people say, “what the hell is that guy wearing?” I take it as a compliment, not an insult.

In your opinion, what is the biggest nightlife fashion no-no happening right now?

I hate to insult anyone’s sense of style because I’m sure people don’t like my personal taste, but if I had to say there is a no-no, it’s probably flip flops and anything, or UGG Boots and anything. If you wear either of those out at night you aren’t trying. Keep your sandals at home.

Favorite designers / labels to shop for a night out:
Currently I’m really into what Skingraft, KTZ, Drifter, and Knomadik are doing, these are definitely some staples in my shop as well. I’ve always been a fan of Rick Owens, I think that was how I started delving into a lot of these newer designers. I feel like if it’s on sale it’s probably because no one understood what the designer was going for.

A style mantra you wish everyone knew:

Fashion over function.

Who was your favorite act this year and where did you catch them?
This question is loaded! Since I run a management roster that currently boasts some of my favorite musicians in the world with Chris James, MAKJ, PeaceTreaty and Whiiite, I’m not going to pick one because that would be like picking my favorite kid. Outside of the 40 or so Control shows, I’d have to say seeing Flume at Coachella was really cool. I really like the different variations in dance music and where the scene is headed.

Necat Akman

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Necat is an image consultant for Alicia Keys, stylist to upcoming popstar Justine Skye, and owner of branding company 92DreamTeam, her inherent ability to recognize design makes her at the top of our list. We’re not the only ones noticing her, Ms. Lauryn Hill deemed Necat, “her eye in the streets.”

Years in the club scene:
Started in Miami at Mokai, it was 2007. So it’s been about seven years!

Outfit for a night out:
My high waisted skinny Acne denim; Alexander Wang or Jonathan Simkhai Top (Cropped); my Ralph Lauren leather jacket; and a pair of Valentino pumps! I like pairing color with a bold leopard print. I also love pairing a metallic heel with a great skinny jean or miniskirt.

Biggest fashion no-no:
Too much of everything! All you need is a touch of color, one plaid, one floral print, one animal print, one set of stripes; not all of them at once!

Favorite designers:
Acne Denim, Alexander Wang, Rodarte, IRO, Aquazurra, Saint Laurent, Zara Basics (Tops), Carven, One TeaSpoon. The list goes on.

Style mantra:
“Black and White always looks modern, whatever that word means” - Karl Lagerfeld

Best performance this year:
Baauer. I saw him at a recent festival and he killed it!

Go to drink:
Absolut and Soda with two limes.

Daniela Morselli

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Wife and muse to Tommie Sunshine, Daniela Morselli is always found dressed to the nines. Her dance moves are captivating (she’s a former professional), and if that’s not enough she’ll win you over with her charm. Whenever he’s spinning, she won’t be far. Daniela is also a future YouTube sensation -- stay tuned!

Years in the club scene:
I started going to CBGBs as a young teenager, and later on fell into going to hear Danny Tenaglia at Vinyl, and snuck into Twilo underage regularly.

Your go to outfit:
My nightlife outfit is always new. I cannot wear the same costume twice. I love creating different looks. Whether it be a Cotton Candy Queen at Ultra or a completely see thru bedazzled unitard at one of Susanne Bartsch’s parties; much like fashion, it always changes.

But it always involves a handmade headpiece. I love a good crown.

Nightlife fashion no-no:
Biggest fashion no-no right now: I think it has to be women putting other women down, especially on social media. It’s very unbecoming. We are better than that and need to stick together. We get enough berating from the misogynists of the world, don’t piss gasoline on their bonfire.

Favorite designers:
I have always loved shopping Patricia Field’s. It’s an experience you can’t get at any other store in this city. I even used to go to her original store on 8th St.

Amanda Lepore did my makeup there once, and that changed the course of my life. Seriously.

Personal style mantra:
Directly from the late genius, Gianni Versace (I live by this): Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.

Best performance this year:
Favorite DJ this year so far was DJ Snake at Electric Daisy Carnival. Tommie and I just got off the Ferris Wheel and danced like maniacs to his set. It was very powerful, and incredibly fun.

Favorite Cocktail:
I actually do drink. I love an Absolut High Tea, and it’s perfect for when those hot summer nights turn just a little chilli.

Mela Murder

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Mela catches our attention as an energetic New York City social butterfly, dancer of the universe - she’s performed on stages all over the world and regularly shares her moves in impromptu dance classes, information posted on her instagram. Mela’s bangin’ bod and effortless style translate into a signature ‘subtle sexy’ look.

Years in the club scene:
I’ve had a fake id since I was 16 (and I’m 24 now) so I’ve been partying in clubs a lot longer then I legally should’ve, but growing up in New York City it’s pretty normal .. I suppose.

Your quintessential outfit for a night out:
Always have a combination of a bra or crop top, pants, and depending on the spot either Doc Martens or heels. Subtle sexiness with comfort. The hair is always on point -- hair is a major factor in my looks.

Biggest nightlife fashion no-no happening right now:
Ummm... SNEDGES! (Sneaker/Wedges .... Yuck. Ladies take them off and throw them away!)

Favorite designers:
Favorite designer right now would be the revolutionary urban culture couture take over HOOD BY AIR. I have the most hardworking , talented, next level, beautiful friends.

Style mantra you wish everyone knew:
I guess it would be for people to just be realistic when it comes to taking chances with switching up their style. Know what works for you and stick to that. Don’t force it.

Who was your favorite act this year and where did you catch them?
In May I went to the Red Bull Culture Clash in Brooklyn at Baby’s All Right, where my homies Max Glazer from Federation Sound and Geko Jones from Que Bajo played crazy next level sets. The energy from everyone took it to another level for me and was a true representation of New York City dance party vibes -- sweaty and out of control. It was awesome. Hands down the best party of 2014.

Favorite Cocktail:
I think I speak for a lot of New Yorkers when I say I was totally obsessed with Absolut Brooklyn when it dropped. Absolut Brooklyn? Genius!

Christina Rinaldi

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Christina is a Brooklyn based artist and an icon in the music and style world. Aside from her full time position as the Creative Director at design studio Prima Creative, she is an impeccably detailed manicurist.

Number of years you've been in the club scene:
I bartended for 9 years, but the scene has changed, so now I'm usually only heading out for specific events.

Your quintessential night out outfit:
Black pants or leggings, black top, black timbs or sneakers.

Biggest night life fashion no-no happening right now:
Girls who borrow their friend's open-toed heels that are too small for them and their toes creep over the edge. It looks so painful.

Favorite designers / labels:
I have a pair of T by Alexander Wang black pants that are like a loose legging or tight sweatpant that I often pair with a croptop or bodysuit.

Style mantra you wish everyone knew:
A truly magical night out is likely to last well into the morning, so dress for the entire night — wear something that you'll still feel good wearing at 5am.

Who was your favorite act this year and where did you catch them?
ahh naming this one cuz its fresh in my head - just saw Remy Ma perform Monday at the Fool's Gold Day Off in BK.

Favorite Absolut Cocktail
For summertime: Absolut Berri Açai and lemonade