If you liked Inherent Vice, you’ll love this

So, you watched Inherent Vice, you laughed, you cried and you loved the bonkers mystery. Now what?

If you liked the new Inherent Vice movie with Joaquin Phoenix then you will love the book Bleeding Edge by the same author, Thomas Pynchon.

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What it’s about:

Set in a paranoid post-9/11 New York City in the early days of the Internet (the Web 1.0 days, remember those?), Maxine Tarnow, a fraud investigator and worried Jewish mother of two, is running a little fraud investigation business on the Upper West Side. Life is normal until one day she digs a little deeper into the finances of a billionaire geek CEO at a computer-security firm. Then come the Arab hacker groups, Russian mobs and the bloggers that are mysteriously dying…