Terms and conditions - Space

The Absolut Creative Space event (referred to as “Creative Space”) is promoted and hosted by The Absolut Company AB, Marieviksgatan 19B, SE-117 97, Stockholm, Sweden (“TAC”).  These terms and conditions govern your participation in Creative Space.  By submitting your entry and by participating (if you are selected to do so) in Spot in Creative Space, you agree to the following:  

1. To enter: You must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.   The entry begins at 09.00 CET on May 11th, 2015 and ends at 15.00 CET on June 5, 2015. To submit an entry to Creative Space, visit www.absolutcreativespace.com and submit an on-line application in accordance with the instructions provided. Only one (1) entry per person will be accepted. You will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address, website (optional), which space you like to attend; 1.) Creative Space Hackathon, 2.) Spot in Creative Space, 3.) both, number of spots and idea. In the event complete and correct information is not provided, the entry will be considered incomplete and therefore invalid. No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged, or undelivered, whether due to technical difficulties affecting electronic communication or else.    

2. Selection process: Five judges appointed by TAC will select up to 16 participants for each of the three (3) Spot in Creative Space events that will be invited to participate in Spot in Creative Space, hereinafter referred to as a “Participant”. The Participants will be selected based on idea and/or website portfolio. TAC will notify Participants on a continuous basis, via e-mail or telephone. A complete list of the Participant will be announced by or before June 8th, 2015 on www.absolutcreativespace.com. TAC’s decision on Participants is final and binding and cannot be subject to appeal.

3. Purpose: The purpose of a Spot in Creative Space is to encourage Participants to work on projects which contribute to a better society. You will be able to work on your own or other’s ideas. As a Participant you will be given access to TAC’s Creative Space, during the time and in the place and on conditions separately communicated by TAC. The work will take place in Creative Space located at the parking lot in the corner of Trekantsvägen 7 / Lövholmsvägen 10, on the following three occasions i) June 15th – June 18th; ii) June 22nd-June 25th, and iii) June 29th-July 2rd. During the three days of the applicable occasion the Participants will work on projects by their choice, own or others, as long as it contributes to sustainability and common good.

4.Your participation in Creative Space must only concern your own original work and must not, so far as you are aware, infringe the intellectual property or any other legal or moral rights of any third party, and must not violate applicable law or refer to or portray TAC, its products, brands or other related brands in a disparaging or negative manner.

5. IPR: You are not granted any rights to use the Absolut trade mark, bottle design, flavor names, indicia, fonts, logos or any other Absolut Elements.

6. Name and likeness and granted rights: TAC may take photographs and film (audio and video) of Creative Space to be used as a public record of Creative Space or for publicity and/or promotional purposes. You, as a Participant, agree to allow TAC to use your name, image and likeness in connection with Creative Space for any purpose without limitation throughout the world in perpetuity in any form and media, now known or hereafter created. You, as a Participant, further agree to grant TAC (and its assignees) any and all necessary rights for distribution and public display of any submitted text, image, or other intellectual property rights, contribution and ideas that may arise from entry into and participation in Creative Space or related publicity for promotional purposes in perpetuity throughout the world in any media now known or hereafter created.  

7. You acknowledge and agree that a third party may produce similar ideas or concepts during Creative Space. You also acknowledge and agree that TAC, as a company with a strong reputation for innovation, may be working on similar ideas independently whether now or in the future.  You agree not to make any claims or demands of any nature against TAC in relation to your participation or contribution in Creative Space. 

8. Code: At the start of Creative Space you will be briefed on the Pernod Ricard Code for Commercial Communications (the “Code”).  You agree to ensure that all ideas and concepts developed at Creative Space will comply with the Code and that you will notify a representative of TAC if you believe this is not the case. The Code prohibits TAC’s ABSOLUT brand from being associated with, for example: (i) images of anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 25; (ii) excessive consumption of alcohol, intoxication or other offensive or irresponsible behavior; (iii) any link to any activity that requires a high degree of alertness or physical coordination, or (iv) any portrayal of situations that suggest a person or character can achieve success, solve problems or attain sexual and/or physical prowess by consuming alcohol. 

9. Compensation: No compensation will be payable to Participants in relation to their participation in Creative Space, however breakfast and lunch will be offered. Each Participant is responsible for the payment of any taxes on this benefit and  any other costs and expenses associated therewith. Participants are responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by them as a result of participation in the Creative Space.

10. As a Participant in Creative Space you agree to comply with any code of conduct and security regulations provided by TAC, whether relating to opening hours, security or otherwise pertaining to your access to the Creative Space area. You agree that you will not to hold TAC liable for any loss or damage that may occur to you or your property while at Creative Space. 

11. TAC reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any Participant acting in violation of these terms or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner.  TAC reserves the right in its sole discretion and at any time to terminate, modify or suspend Creative Space for any reason without prior notice.

12.After Creative Space has finished, you are free to use the results of Creative Space that are your original work and that do not contain any Absolut Elements, for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.  You agree to remove all TAC Intellectual Property from any idea or concept developed at Creative Space and to respect the rights of other participants in Creative Space. You will not hold TAC responsible for any other participant’s or third party’s use of the results of your work at Creative Space.  

13. Privacy: TAC respects your privacy.  Except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, personal information you provide to TAC and otherwise in connection with Creative Space is being and will be collected, used and disclosed by TAC only for purposes of administering and conducting Creative Space, including determining eligibility, showcasing selected submissions, and awarding and delivering prizes.

14. Any dispute related to Creative Space or these Terms and Conditions will be adjudicated by the courts of Sweden under Swedish law.