Our Distillers

Our Distillers

We are proud that production at our facilities is climate neutral today. Thanks to extensive recycling of heat, change to district heating and renewable hydropower, we have reduced energy consumption by 45 percent and carbon emissions by 80 percent per liter of vodka over the last 10 years.

Globally, we have the lowest energy consumption per unit among large distilleries. We offset the limited emissions we have not yet eliminated by supporting a reforestation project, where small-scale farmers in Mexico plant new trees with their crops. This is a long-term project that has been certified according to Plan Vivo, a framework that helps communities manage their natural resources more sustainably. 

Our production process creates by-products that some see as waste, but that we see as resources. The stillage left over from wheat fermentation is sold as fodder for 40,000 cows and 250,000 pigs – every day. Some of the CO2 emissions from fermentation are sold to other industries, which use it for things like producing carbonated beverages. Reusing and recycling is about attitude – we even separate food scraps at our staff canteen to be used for biogas. 

Innovative improvements are just one part. Our day-to-day work is equally important. We keep track of all our resource consumption, emissions, and waste and shipping, and find creative ways to improve our environmental performance. This daily check is known as “management systems,” and our operations are certified to meet the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems) standards. 

Over the last decade, we have consistently reduced our water use per liter of vodka, and we are always looking for ways to recycle even more water in the production process. Every year, we contribute 25,000m3 of production water to a nearby pond, which is used by local farmers for crop irrigation, saving precious groundwater.