Interview with Johan Frössén

Interview with Johan Frössén

Hey, who are you?

– I am Johan Frössén, and I’m one of the founders of the industrial design agency People People. At the agency I work with innovation and design. 

What made you fall in love with industrial design?

– My passion is creating things that makes people stop and say ”this design solution is so damn clever”. If I had worked as say, an accountant, maybe I wouldn’t get the same kick. I got hooked the first time I created something which made someone else stop in their tracks and think ”this is so nice!”.

But when it comes to finding a certain moment when I became an industrial designer, well… there is always some kind of entry point for designers who start doing it for a living. Usually that point comes when they are kids in school, and a friend or a teacher tells them ”You’re so good at drawing, can’t you help us draw this thing for our project?”. And so it starts.

What trends do you see today in industrial design?

– Today industrial designers have to work with both digital and physical platforms to fully realize their concepts. One might think that an industrial designer is only making new types of headphones and shovels and things like that, but today we also work with creating digital interfaces and developing new services. Take the car as an example; if we were going to do one, we would mix both physical and digital properties. The steering wheel would likely be a physical design, while the interface of the dashboard behind it would be both digital and physical when we are done. A modern industrial designer can’t only live in the physical realm, we must do digital as well to get a coherent end product.

What do you think about Absolut Creative Space so far?

– I love it. It’s a great initiative. And the hackers here are really intelligent, the arrangers are daring and the schedule is well concieved. I also think that the facilities helps to encourage creativity. 

What responsibility does industrial designers have in creating a better world?

–What industrial designers must do is to solve problems. In order for our end products to be successful they have to be attractive, have profitability and they also must be sustainable.

Which are your best tips for people who wants to create great sustainable design? Where do you see many designers fail?

– Unexperienced designers might believe that making great design means that it should be as crazy creative as possible. But creating great design solutions is also about making them as logical and simple for the user as possible.