A Brazilian drink with a global twist – the Caipiroska is adored the world over. 

This famously refreshing cocktail is the hermano of a Brazilian classic, the Caipirinha. 

Confusing? A little. Delicious? Absolutely.

While the Caipirinha uses Cachaça - a unique type of rum that’s made out of sugar cane - it was Brazilian expats that turned the classic upside down. Without easy access to their beloved South American Cachaça, they were pushed to test new waters and instead added vodka to the mix. A little improvisation born out of desperation and hey, presto! The Caipirinha turns into a Caipiroska – now an iconic cocktail for the summer season. 

Using the three essential ingredients - vodka, sugar syrup and lime - the Caipiroska is both simple and sexy. It’s perfect for next time you’re looking for a drink to enjoy out on the town, or if you’re after something to add that Brazilian zing to drinking with friends at home.


2 parts Absolut Vodka
1 lime diced
1 part sugar syrup

How to mix 
Muddle fruit and sugar. Build in rocks glass. Churn with crushed ice. 

The twists

Don’t stop there. Switch your ingredients up with different refreshing fruit flavours for a playful twist on the classic.  

Ruby Red Caipiroska

5 parts Absolut Ruby Red
1 part elderflower liqueur
1 fresh pink grapefruit diced 
2 tsps pomegranate seeds

How to mix
Muddle grapefruit pieces and pomegranate seed with elderflower liqueur. Add vodka and crushed ice and churn. Crown with more crushed ice. 

Absolut Mango & Orange Caipiroska

3½ parts Absolut Mango
1 fresh lime diced 
orange slices 
1 part sugar syrup 

How to mix
Muddle lime and orange pieces with sugar syrup. Add vodka and crushed ice and churn. Crown with more crushed ice