Vinyl is officially making (another) comeback, and this time around there is a whole new world of turntables for the taking. Here’s our all-embracing of the game changing decks. 

With digital downloads un-mistakenly on the up, it may come as a surprise that its older relative, the vinyl, is actually enjoying a renaissance - with sales of these old discs also on the rise.  

Inline with this ‘rebirth of cool’ we bring to you some of the best, obscure and, sometimes, affordable turntables on the market.

Silvan Audio Workshop Turntables 

What it is: Silvan Audio Workshop creates high-quality, one-of-a-kind turntables handcrafted by a father-son team from unique natural hardwood. 

Why you need it: Made with components from the turntable manufacturer Rega, they’re not only of fantastic quality, but also make incredibly unique centrepieces. 

Who its for? For those wanting a conversation piece that doubles up as a turntable. All at a reasonably price. 

Price: $750 for the Archer Turntable and $1000 for the Champion Turntable. 



Clearaudio Emotion SE

What it is: An ultra-slick turntable with an ultra-smooth semi-transparent chassis. While the high-spec tonearm and cartridge creates clear sounds, the resonance optimized separate die cast metal motor allows for vibration free playing. 

Why you need it: This improved version of the originally well-loved Emotional turntable includes parts that can, in many cases, be added and bought separately. It is also an impressive build and won’t fail to look good absolutely anywhere - from what you will see of it. 

Who needs it: Rivalling all other turntables hitting in around the £2000 mark, the Clearaudio is competitively priced for those new to the vinyl game.  

Price: £2,140

TECHDAS Air Force One

What it is: All the way from Japan the Air Force wipes out any effects caused by disruptive oscillations. The three basic design concepts are air bearing, disc suction and air suspension. 

Why you need it: The outcome from air vibration is incredible music. Our favorite feature is the suction button that, for a split second, holds down a disc while the platter itself is floating. Talk about technical. 

Who needs it: As the price tag suggests, the TECHDAS is for the serious vinyl fan, who also holds a penchant for boldly designed futuristic shapes. 

Price: $79,000



Onedof One Degree of Freedom Turntable

What it is: Meet the turntable of all turntables. Created by an aerospace engineer, this shiny piece of kit features a non-resonant platter bearing based on smart fluid technology, which keeps your smooth sounds free from any acoustic distortion.

Why you need it: Not only can you say that the engineer who created your turntable once won an award from NASA, but you can rest assured nobody will mention noise blurring in your residence. Phew. 

Who needs it: With an eye-watering price tag this piece of equipment is for the professional or practiced jock.  

Price: $150,000

Crosley Cruiser Turntable

What it is: These portable cruisers look like vintage suitcases and come in a choice of bold colours such as blue, turquoise and even floral. They include built-in, full range stereo speakers and are USB-ready with easy software for MP3 players.

Why you need it: They are perfect for on-the-go vinyl lovers with a penchant for the vintage. 

Who needs it: With an affordable starting price of £100 these turntables are ideal for someone new to vinyl, they would also make a great gift.

Price: £100



Montegiro Lusso Turntable

What it is: Ultramodern in design this titanium pickup system is a flagship turntable for Montegiro. It is built from alternative layers of aluminium and black acrylic moulded into three cone shapes: the table, motor cone and mounting cone. This Lusso is more than sleek with an impressive sound to match its striking ascetic. 

Why you need it: Where retro meets futuristic, this may be the sexiest turntable out there. 

Who needs it: Someone who’s bank balance matches their enthusiasm. 

Price: $47,000

Clearaudio Statement

What it is: It’s big and it’s beautiful – get ready to discover another dimension of music reproduction. This unit has several different levels including a motor that checks speed 7,000 times per minute: ensuring total speed stability. The Clearaudio also comes complete with LED and touch-selection. 

Why you need it: This machine claims to break all rules and boundaries of music reproduction. 

Who needs it: For the seriously successful DJ or the seriously wealthy. 


Price: £89,599