Absolut Celebrates Midsummer 2016

A magical Midsummer party with purpose.

Midsummer, the time of flower laden headbands and drinks in the midnight sun, has just been and gone. On June 21st, we celebrated in Absolut’s Swedish home of Ahus, throwing a big party to soak up the great outdoors and the scorching June sun; enjoying games, cakes and of course plenty of Absolut vodka.

In classic Absolut Nights style, the party ran long into the night. As we watched the sun set, the party brimmed with life, colourful lights, smoke machines, a huge amount of dancing and, the odd light-up costume. The energy was palpable as we celebrate nature and the glorious summer rays.

Bringing everyone together to celebrate midsummer in our hometown of Ahus held special significance. The flower-filled party represents everything we’ve always been about – connecting with nature and fulfilling our One Source mantra. Here in Ahus, we have close relationships with farmers and are committed to reducing CO2 emissions, recycling production materials and more. 

This brings us closer to our community, simultaneously having Absolut Nights while creating a better, healthier world. That’s a reason to party.

To get clued up on how to celebrate like the Swedes, check out How to Celebrate Midsummer.