Who To Follow For Cocktail Inspiration

The best boozy Instagrammers who post only the most photo worthy drinks and recipes.

We've put together a brief guide to some of recent history's most controversial songs which rose to fame-and raised several brows in the process.

Everybody loves cocktails. And every one has their go-to, fail safe conoction, but we'd hazard a guess and say you're on the look out for a pinch more insporation. The most exciting drinks in the beverage world are from the most creative bartenders and institutions that go off-menu and serve a twist on the classics - and then share it via Instagram for us to follow their lead. We've made it our mission to gather the best.

1. The Liquor Cabinet

What their bio says: Every bottle has a story. http://theliquorcabinet.com

Why we love them: These are the ultimate cocktail hunters. The Liquor Cabinet (website to launch later this year...) can sniff a fresh hibiscus Margarita from kilometres away. They find the best bars, the best cocktails and take the best shots. From @AGuyNamedPatrick

Copyright: @theliqrcabinet
URL: http://instagram.com/theliqrcabinet



2. Maison Premiere

What their bio says: Oyster House and Cocktail. Den 298 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, N.Y 11249. Twitter: @MaisonPremiere. Sister Restaurant coming to Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2015 http://maisonpremiere.com

Why we love them: Imbible the knowledge my friend. Expect lots of top-notch cocktails, recipes and long status' with alcohol related facts that will impress at any cocktail party. Twitter: @MaisonPremiere

Copyright: @maisonpremiere
URL: http://instagram.com/maisonpremiere

3. Absolut

What our bio says: The Offcial Instagram page of Absolut, the world''s most inspiring lifestyle brand. You must be of legal drinking age to follow! Enjoy Responsibly. http://www.absolutdrinks.com

Why we love us: Well, isn't it obvious. Find recipes and twists on some classics a plenty - Chilli Chocolate Martini? We've got you covered

Copyright: @absolutvodka
URL: http://instagram.com/absolutvodka

4. Stir And Strain

What their bio says: Cocktail maker & photo taker. Occasional spinner of records around L.A. Saveur nominated Best Cocktail Blog. Lover of large hats. TheCoconutclub.com http://www.stirandstrain.com

Why we love them: If 'Monday Booze News' isn't already the best thing you've heard all day, Elena has plenty more to offer, like a smoked sugar cube recipe for an Old Fashioned. She's got cocktail detail down to a T! 

Copyright: @stirandstrain
URL: http://instagram.com/stirandstrain

5. Brooklyn Bottled Cocktail Co. 

What their bio says: Approachable bottled cocktail recipes for 750ml bottles + perfect for any crowd. 21+ to follow. BYOBBrottle@gmail.com http://youtu.be/GjDYKYWAHvA

Why we love them: The Brooklyn Bottle project posts recipes and videos o how to make bulk cocktails in bottles for your parties. From the simple to the quirky.

Copyright: @brottle
URL: http://instagram.com/brottle/

6. Natalie Migliarini

What their bio says: Natalie Miglirani Lover of all occasions that begin and end with beautiful Cocktails, Beer, and Wine! Follow me on Twitter at @beautifulbooze htt://www.beautilbooze.com

Why we love them: A cocktail stylist is her most fitting title. There's also the food pairings to go with the cocktail recipes. Would you ever think of Grapefruit and Pineapple Margarita and Pineapple Chicken Tacos?

Copyright: @beautifulbooze
URL: http://instagram.com/beautifulbooze