5 Of The Most Controversial Songs Of All Time

Musicians love nothing more than a little ruffling of feathers and a few inches of press coverage. What do they do to get this? Get controversial, of course. Whether it’s getting naked, getting weird or just getting down right offensive, if it ensures coverage and, therefore, more views/ downloads/ conversation, it’s all deemed worthwhile.

We've put together a brief guide to some of recent history's most controversial songs which rose to fame-and raised several brows in the process.

The song: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell

The controversy: Branded as the most controversial song of the decade by The Guardian, Blurred Lines was banned by Student Unions across the UK and there was even a SlutMarch against it for its rape connotations. Thicke then made matters worse by dancing with a twerking Miley Cyrus at the VMAs the same year. This man clearly doesn't know when to quit. 

The song: Kim by Eminem

The controversy: Not one to shy away from the offensive, Eminem's song Kim is an angry and graphic song about brutally killing his ex-wife. Though he's said in interviews it's more of a bug-eyed love song dedicated to Kim. Sweet.

The song: Smack My B*tch Up by Prodigy

The controversy: Aside from the obvious violent lyrics, the music video is pretty gruesome too. Riddled with heroine, abuse, sex, gore and violence, when this was released in 1997, radio stations across the US, Canada and the UK banned its airplay and Walmart pulled the album out of its stores. 

The song: Je T'aime...mai non-plus by Serge Gainsbourg

The controversy: Recorded in a steamy, sweaty vocal booth. The moans and groans from Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg were deemed to explicit for the 1969 radio listeners and it was banned from stations. The Vatican even dondemned Je T'aime as obscene.

The song: Pour it Up by Rihanna

The controversy: Rihanna's song, S&M was banned in 11 countries, but she beat her personal best with Pour it Up, which was banned within 10 minutes of its debut. The media worked itself up into afrenzy over this racy video, where RiRi gyrates on a throne while dancers twerk