The Transformation


“DISCUS, starred with premonitions, throw yourself out of yourself.”

Transformation is at the heart of creativity, invention, construction, exploration and of our own individual lives as well. What attracts us most in art, nature and cultural life – what fills us most with awe – is transformation: the capacity to change and be changed.

From the moment it began, the world was changing; from the moment we’re born, our transformation begins. We perpetually interact with the world we live in, receive impressions, make our mark. The fragment of the earth’s energy pulsing through us at any given moment does not emerge without being transformed – without transforming us. As long as we are alive, we are not ourselves – at least not for long. 

And the bravest among us –the artists, visionaries, revolutionaries and pioneers – take the pure risk of possibility. To be truly alive means to both accept and desire transformation. There’s an old story from India of a gambler who sees his face in every toss of the dice. To accept transformation is to know we don’t know who we’ll be tomorrow, and to embrace that fact. Transformation is possibility.

Text: Paul Leslie