Absolut Elyx

Learn more about what makes Absolut Elyx so special.

Raise A Glass To Love With Absolut Colours

Show your true colours. The limited edition Absolut Colours bottle is our symbol of support for all those who express their true selves through love, art, or any other form.

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Navigating the Nightlife:
A Guide for Grads

To all the recent graduates, we raise a glass to you. And to the grads relocating to new cities, we raise our knowledge of Absolut’s favorite Canadian hot spots.

Inside MakeFashion

Exploring MakeFashion: Where technology hits the runway and fashion meets function.

Maximizing Your Pantry: 11 Key Ingredients for Your Home Bar

The eleven ingredients all home bartenders should have on hand.

Absolut Vodkatini

Some might say it’s not a martini if it’s not made with gin. We respectfully disagree. Exhibit A: Vodkatini.

Instagram Your Night Out

A few simple tricks to help take your cocktail photography to the next level.

Absolut Espresso Martini

Some say this cocktail was created in the 1980s by a London bartender in an effort to perk up a famous supermodel. Whether true or not, it’s a good story.

Absolut Old Fashioned

Old fashioned in name only. This Absolut twist on a timeless cocktail swaps the bourbon for Absolut Vodka. And it totally works.

Absolut Arches of Rome

Treat yourself to a cocktail that combines the elegance of chocolate, the smoothness of Absolut and a touch of citrus. Here’s a recipe that’s sure to please.

Absolut Presents: The Makers

We scoured the country for Canadian makers who are doing incredible work. Check out our three-part video series in partnership with VICE Motherboard.

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