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The Absolut bottle shape is unmistakable. But what are its origins? How did it come to be the basis for decades of pop art? Find out here.

Arches of Rome

Treat yourself to a cocktail that combines the elegance of chocolate, the smoothness of Absolut and a touch of citrus. Here’s a recipe that’s sure to please.

A brief history of
Absolut Vodka

The story of Absolut Vodka is one of innovation, inspiration and transformation. We tell the story of Absolut’s beginnings, our collaboration with Andy Warhol, the genesis of the Cosmopolitan, and more.

Espresso Martini

Some say this cocktail was created in the 1980s by a London bartender in an effort to perk up a famous supermodel. Whether true or not, it’s a good story.

How we make
Absolut Vodka

Before Absolut makes its way into your favorite drink, it starts out in a small village in Sweden. Follow the journey of Absolut from wheat and water to vodka.


It’s fruity. It’s sweet. It’s a winner.
Stand up and shout its name in victory.

Absolut Makerfest:
What went down

On August 9th, 2014, the crowds descended on 99 Sudbury in Toronto for Absolut Makerfest, with music by Theophilus London and Q-Tip the Abstract.

After Eight

No longer just an after-dinner treat. The Absolut After Eight is the chocolaty, minty flavour burst you’ve been waiting for. Truly.

10 facts about
Theophilus London

We caught up with Theophilus London at Makerfest Toronto, where he shared some info about himself, including his love for Dennis Rodman.


Some might say it’s not a martini if it’s not made with gin. We respectfully disagree. Exhibit A: Vodkatini.

Q-Tip Makerfest
set list

Legendary MC Q-Tip the Abstract performed for a packed house at Absolut Makerfest in Toronto. He spun a mix of old and new hip hop and R&B. Check out the set list and listen to the playlist.

Old Fashioned

Old fashioned in name only. This Absolut twist on a timeless cocktail swaps the bourbon for Absolut Vodka. And it totally works.

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