Spinning to the Top

We’ve had our eye on these DJs and producers - they’re the superstars of the future and we have the lowdown on their favorite releases, artists they would throw down with if they had their own festival and the location of a dream residency.

Gent & Jawns

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Billy the Gent and Long Jawns, better known as Gent & Jawns, are not a force to be reckoned with. They are one of the few to be featured on BBC’s Radio 1X Diplo and Friends twice, but they are best live as they can successfully weave Moombahton into Trap in the same minute. 2014 is has been a busy year; their release of “Turn Up” is one of the most popular tracks yet and their EP ‘Faded’ just dropped on the label Mad Decent.

What has been your proudest track this year and why?
Probably our latest one, ' Kings'. We just really liked the original tune by Yo Gotti called 'King Shit'. We've been wanting to flip the song into own vision for awhile now and finally did. We are really psyched with it!

Choose 5 other artists to DJ a party with you
Bro Safari, ETC!ETC!, Antiserum, Mayhem and Nadastrom.

Dream residency anywhere in the world:
An island anywhere playing chill reggae music. Who wouldn't?

At first, Gordon and Erick, the duo who make up Botnek, bonded over their love of mp3’s in their Canadian hometown. Years later, Botnek’s epic boombathon tracks continue to snag significant airtime from top DJs worldwide. Their remix “ Selfie” held down the #1 position on Beatport for over two weeks. The hype continues this fall as Botnek joins Kill The Noise’s North American tour.

Proudest track:
Gordon: For me, it would have say our remix of Le Castle Vania. There were a few options on the EP for tracks to remix... and this one really stood out to me as the most fun to do. I used to be in a metal band so it was fun to work with these vocals and guitars as opposed to trance synths. Was a definite challenge but I'm stoked that it worked out and married our sound with the original.

Choose 5 other artists to DJ a party with you
G: Snails, he's one of our best friends and closest producer buddies. For years before we ever did music together we would just chill and eat Mexican food. 3lau, because we had so much fun working together on our track "Vikings" together and I love chilling with that cutie. Adventure Club, and it would end in moshing and pillow fights. Erick: The Prodigy would have to headline, I would die if I saw them live.

Location of your dream residency…
G: It would be hilarious to hold a residency at a strip club -- I could do that strip club DJ God voice... or maybe I could just do that one time and be fine with it. E: The supper club from Lost In Translation, where Bill Murray would chill.

This Australian native has been making waves in the US for the last two years. Aside from being a major babe, Anna Lunoe is about music through and through. She got her start promoting dance music on an Australian radio show, and soon after jumped into a career as a DJ, Producer, vocalist and songwriter. She’s worked with Daft Punk and M.I.A, DJ Flume and The Chemical Brothers, just to name a few. We’re pumped about her new single All Out and her North American All Out Fall Out Tour.

Proudest track:
I am really proud of all my tracks for different reasons but I guess Bass Drum Dealer because of its effects in the club and the attention that it got from people that my work hadn’t really reached before. And All Out because I think it was a creative feat for me as a songwriter. I am proud of the song writing.

Choose 5 artists:
Gonna go with these guys who are my recent collaborators: Teed, Touch Sensitive, Skrillex, Flume, Shadow Child. No order or set times - they all have to play back to back!

Dream residency:
Ooooo I don’t know! I have never been to Ibiza, so a summer residency there is probably in order. I don’t know which club would suit me best as I have never been...

Ape Drums is one of the freshest producers right out of Houston. His genre blending, dancehall inspired feel keeps everyone partying. With major collaborations under his belt this year, most notable Skrillex’s Recess remix and Duttiest Wine with Diplo, we’re excited to see what’s up next.

Proudest track:
I’d have to say “Worl’ Boss”, simply because that’s the track that got me a bit of recognition with the big dawgs.

Choose 5 artists:
Mr. Carmack, Craze, MK, Ape Drums, Diplo, Skrillex, Erick Morillo

Dream residency:
It would probably have to be a small intimate venue somewhere in Ibiza, or maybe an outdoor beach event.

Go to drink
My favorite Absolut cocktail would have to be Absolut peach with fresh lemonade.

Brenmar is no newcomer to the club scene. This Chicago born, NYC based DJ is known for his mash ups of Jersey club, hip hop and R&B tracks. We are highly anticipating the release of new EP with Fools Gold in the near future. But in the meantime, catch him live in New York, California and Miami.

Proudest track:
Medusa with Rush Davis is a personal favorite of mine because I worked on it for a very long time. It’s completion felt like a mini production milestone for me. The fact that people really responded to it only made it even more special.

Choose 5 artists:
Ha! My High End Times crew Matic808 opening, followed by Uniique, then Calore, Myself, and Ciara because....why not!

Dream residency:
New York City! There is no better place than home to have a proper residency. The location is too hard for me to say, so many spots and all of them have their reasons.