• Alexander Wang
    Goes for the Gold

Pretty much all fashion week parties are amazing - they have the best dj’s and bands, are at the coolest new spots, and have the best looking crowd. Within this collection of great parties, though, there are a few that stand out each year, taking things to another level. One of those is the Alexander Wang after party.

In past years, it’s been held in a back alley Chinatown ping pong hall, a gas station, a shopping mall, and other surprising spots. However, it’s not just whimsical locations that make these parties legendary, it’s the unique energy among the crowd that knows this is the night to go all in.

This year was no exception. Rather than find an exotic locale, this year’s party was hosted at the newly opened club, Gilded Lily. As you can see from the pics, the gold-plated room was the perfect spot for this select group of the fashion-clique to let loose and dance like everyone is watching.