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As throngs of people flooded through the streets of Brazil for the World Cup, those who were looking for a more relaxed way to enjoy the excitement of the tournament could seek out the exclusive gates of the pop-up restaurant/clubhouse Casa Fat Radish, created in collaboration with Absolut Elyx.

Tucked away in the hills overlooking the famed bay of Rio De Janiero, the house was the pinnacle of luxury with a carefully curated tasted menu prepared by NYC hotspot Fat Radish and cocktails prepared by Tato Gionannoni, who will be bringing his renowned Florerio Atlantico to Rio later this year.

While Casa Fat Radish offered a refuge for those who prefer a less frenetic place to cheer on their favorite teams, whenever the announcer yelled ‘Gooooolllllllll’, there was certainly a few spilled drinks.