How to Celebrate Midsummer

Party like the Swedes on the night when the sun doesn’t really set.

Are you ready for the Midsummer mischief? Midsummer happens just once a year, bringing with it day-to-night sunlight and a sense of adventure. And we think everyone deserves to have as much fun as us Swedes do. So, wherever you are, get ready to pick up your flower garland and celebrate. 

Here’s the know-how you’ll need for your party guide come Tuesday June 21.

Let’s start with the venue     
Midsummer is usually spent out in the Swedish countryside, where meadows are filled with wildflowers in bloom. So be it a garden, a park or our Åhus country fields, go ahead and find your nature-filled spot to make the most of those glorious summer rays with family and friends. 

Next up we have the dress code
If you want to dress like a Swede, the unofficial dress code for today is white, white and white. To complete your Midsummer outfit, grab a few freshly cut flowers and weave together a crown.

Then we have the menu
Now you look the part, a long event like this calls for a feast. Swedish midsummer fare tends to include a summer ready smörgasbord of pickled herring (trust us, it’s nicer than it sounds!) and new potatoes spiced with dill and chives. Ending with a fresh Midsummer Strawberry Cake. 

Now, onto the entertainment
There are a few traditions on the entertainment front. If you want to keep it classic, spend the day dancing around the maypole, playing tug of war or egg and spoon racing. Don’t forget to sing along to Midsummer’s unofficial anthem “Helan Går” and offer a toast of flavored vodka to your friends (it’ll be a welcome palate cleanser after the pickled herring!).

Then it’ll be onto the sauna, or having a swim, a few of your favourite drinks and onto the dance floor. 

Lastly, it’s time for the cocktails. 
Make sure you keep your energy topped up so you can keep dancing. You’ll soon turn your Midsummer day into an #AbsolutNight. 

Elderflower Collins 

2 Parts Absolut Vodka
1 Part Lemon Juice
½ Part Elderflower Cordial
Soda Water
1 Wheel Lime

(Serve in a Jar)

Smashed Garden

Absolut Vodka
Wheat Beer Syrup
Orange Bitters

(Serve in a Mule Cup)

Absolut Greyhound

1 Part Absolut Vodka
3 Parts Pink Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit zest
1 Wedge Grapfruit

(serve in a tumbler)