Across the world in different tastes

Be it the fiery flavors of Texas or the rebellious spirit of Berlin, we worship tradition and uniqueness wherever it may be found at Absolut. And, just as we’re proud of our Ahus home, we get equally inspired by the energy and creativity we find all around the world.  

This is where our limited edition bottles come in. These concoctions are our heartfelt odes to the cities, states, boroughs and countries that we simply can’t get enough of. 

What embodies the place? What fuels its spirit? Is it the people? The architecture? The ancient traditions or the contemporary artists? We celebrate it all in the form of art and flavor.  

Absolut Berlin

“Es ist nicht einfach immer ein Rebell zu sein” – “It’s not easy to always be a rebel.” A perfect expression of the spirit of Germany’s capital of cool that you can find graffitied on the Absolut Berlin bottle. Absolut Berlin celebrates the city’s non-conformist vibe both in design and flavor, give it a whirl (or don’t, you rebel you).

Absolut Mexico 

Dr Lakra - an artist from Mexico DC - took inspiration from the legendary Mayan culture for Absolut Mexico’s bottle design. Bringing three icons from the ancient culture – Hurakan (hurricane), Kukulkan (serpent) and Balam (jaguar) together with vibrant modern art for a contemporary, loud and playful Mexican mix. 

Absolut Chicago

This city-scape design was crowdsourced through Threadless - Chicago’s online community of artists and designers. The olive and rosemary (with a hint of thyme) flavored vodka is rich and aromatic and inspired by the culinary delights of Chi city. It works exceptionally well in a martini or bloody mary. 

Absolut Texas

Y’all better get a taste of the Lone Star state. The taste of Absolut Texas is rich and smooth with notes of fresh cucumber, and a warm spicy character; inspired by the flavors of South western cuisine. And with none other than San Antonio-based artist Cruz Ortiz reigning the helms of the bottle design, we knew his modern take on classic Texas iconography would not disappoint. 

Absolut Brooklyn

Brooklynites, this Limited Edition is a love letter to New York City’s most celebrated borough. A blend of red apple and ginger designed by filmmaker and local, Spike Lee.