Wherever you sit on the spectrum, love is your fundamental right – and Absolut supports all of you who let your true colors shine through.

This spring with a goal to inspire the world that all love is equal, we have launched a limited edition Absolut Colors bottle sleeved with Gilbert Baker’s iconic Rainbow Flag. 

Artist Gilbert Baker designed the symbolic flag in 1978 as a badge of pride, love and solidarity for the LGBT community. And more than 30 years later, this iconic design has been adopted by anyone that expresses their true selves through art, love or any other way, regardless of who or where they are.

Absolut has long been entwined in the LGBT community, so to further support our latest rainbow-infused launch we have worked with director Molly Schiot to create a short film. 

Documenting the love of Paige and Amanda, the film takes us to the beach where the couple spent their first date - and adding an element of surprise and celebration Paige proposes to Amanda in front of their friends and family. 

‘I was very grateful that Absolut hired me to bring this very personal subject to life,’ says Director Molly Schiot, who created the film. ‘Especially during a time where many of us still are not recognized as equal.’ Needless to say, it all went swimmingly. Have a look for yourself!