Coachella Live: Day One in the Desert

To give context for the level of anticipation for this year's, Coachella, it took only 2 hours and 37 minutes for the nearly 200,000 tickets to sell out – the previous year sold out at a snail's pace in comparison at 21 hours. With a stacked headline including a reunited Outkast, Muse, and Arcade Fire, attendees stormed into the venue at its 11am opening to kick of the fun as soon as possible.

The youth of america was on display, dressed in their festival outfits, which for girls often includes a frayed crop top, cut-offs, ankle books, and flowers in their hair, while the guys showed off their latest tattoos in neon tank tops. It was amazing to see that only an hour into the festival, with the sun at its peak, and the temperature clocking in at over 100°F (38° C), the infamous Saraha Tent was already in full swing with the EDM beats pulsing as it were 3am at the best nightclub in the world.

Having hit the ground running, by the time the Absolut Little Sun Bar opened its doors at around 2:30pm, there was a line of people looking to grab one of the signature cocktails, and escape the desert sun for the sanctuary of Little Sun.

One only had to have their eyes (or ears) open to realize this was going to be an epic festival: and it was only day one of the first weekend.