Absolut Vodka celebrates the art hidden in your neighborhood

Absolut continues its Transform Today campaign by presenting a global series of experiences, where artists will inspire audiences to reimagine nightlife through the power of creativity. This series makes its way to Munich with the brand’s Locals concept, working with local artists to create one-of-a-kind nightlife experiences.

Munich by Absolut is the first of a series of global events with a local focus, presenting local artists, who inspire audiences to reimagine nightlife through the power of creativity. At Munich by Absolut seven Munich artists unleash their creative minds in a secret location over 72 hours and transform a vacant villa into a unique artwork and place to experience exceptional nightlife. It proves that creativity is everywhere, it might even be hidden away in the neighbourhood. The transformation of the vacant villa will end in a special and spectacular night of celebration on Saturday, July 19th, 2014. The grounds around the secret location will be open for invited guests and the local artists will show the creative result of their transformation process. At night the villa will turn into a stunning background for a unique experience full of art and party. The local DJ’s Kill The Tills and Julietta will support Mike Skinners DJ-Set to create an unforgettable atmosphere of high-energy. Especially for Munich by Absolut some of the city’s best bartenders created Absolut Munich drinks with regional ingredients and fillers. Following the celebration the Artwork will be demolished and all what will be left is great memories, pictures and movies from this outstanding piece of art.

The Taste Of Munich Drinks were created by the German brand ambassador Axel Klubescheidt and the local bartenders, applying the so called “Sous-Vide”. Normally associated with high-end restaurants, Sues-Vide is a special method of cooking food. Sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath or in a temperature- controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times, now this is the latest trend in the bar scene. Experienced bartenders are experimenting with this culinary art form and using it to create some extraordinary cocktails and infusions. With the creation of Absolut Munich drinks in Sues-Vide technique, Absolut proves once again its status of being an innovative and creative pioneer.

The involved Munich artists are Ewald Wildtraut (Multimedia artist), Sebastian Wandl and Matthias Mross from the artist collective Haus75 (Paintings), Betty Mü (Video installations), Jessica Kallage Götze (Sculptures, installations), Philipp Frank (Illustrations, paintings), Patrick Hartl (Written artist) and last but not least the Munich tattoo studio Farbenpracht. This great mix of paintings, installations and sculptors will make sure the creation of a boundary pushing artwork.

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Date: July 17. – 19. 2014  

Location: The shuttle points will be announced 48 hours before the event  

DJ Sets: Kill the Tills, Special DJ-Set Mike Skinner (The Streets), Julietta   

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