7 Things We Found At Stockholm Design Week

The best of Scandinavian design and its impeccable minimalistic aesthetics gathered at one big fair. Here is our lust list.  

Surprise! Stockholm Design Week was filled with insanely aesthetically pleasing pieces. Yeah, you may have guessed that already. The annual event drew the stylish design crowd to the Swedish capital once again to peruse the creative exhibitions showcasing the best in new Nordic collections. Read on if, like us, Scandinavian design is what your dreams are made of... 

Copyright: Sebastian Ziegler
URL: http://pyropetcandles.com 


1. Pyropet Candle by Thorunn Arnadotti

At first glance, this is seemingly just a cute cat-shaped candle. Alas, light it and the wax melts to revel a grinning metallic skeleton. Actually. Funded via a recent Kickstarter campaign, we hear there’s more animal shaped candles are on their way this year.

2. Copenhagen and Helsinki speakers by VIFA

These Two new retro style speakersfromthe Danish audio brand, Vifa follow on from the success of their original stylish speaker, Copenhagen. These adaptions come in a portable model, the Helsinki and a much larger version, the Stockholm. Both are clad in the specially designed, eco-friendly wool fabric from Kvadrat (http://kvadrat.dk) and armed with a chic leather strap which makes the beat box easy to carry around.  Because you should never be without music. 

3. BAUX Acoustic Panels by From Us With Love

What exactly are acoustic panels, you ask? Well, these ones are made from wood wool (a mixture of spruce wood, water and cement) and absorb sound, help with thermal insulation and storage and are highly resistant to fire. But, most of all, these tiles from BAUX are big enough to cover large wall and come in beautiful colors and geometric patterns. So, it’s now possible to stay warm and have peace and quiet in a stylish home. 


Copyright: By Lassen
URL: http://bylassen.com/shop/twin-68c1.html



4. Twin by By Lassen

This long-awaited addition to By Lassen's minimalistic and much loved Twin Table was unveiled at Stockholm Design week saw in a decadent brass and misty green. This perfect square cube table comes armed with a reversible top with the aim to make it as versatile as it is the epitome of modern design. 

5. Cold Coasters by Cleassen Koivisto Rune

These coasters keep your drink chilled. That’s right, ice need dilute your drink no more as Cleassen Koivisto Rune has created coasters from solid soapstone that has a unique heat permittivity that can retain any temperature. Simply place it in the freezer, pop a chilled drink on the cold soapstone coaster and voila. This one cool coaster (ahem...). 


Copyright: Claesson Koivisto Rune
URL: http://www.claessonkoivistorune.se/#/?project=cold-coaster






Copyright: beDesign
URL: http://bedesign.fi/products/deer-shelf.html


6. Deer Bookshelf by BEdesign

This deer-shaped shelving unit is a metal revision on the wooden unit from BeDesign that proved to be popular with the design crowd. This well-crafted woodland inspired furniture is designed in Finland with sustainable materials and won the furniture of the year at the RUM gala 2015. That aside, it just looks so darn great. Perfect as a decorative item solo, or adorned with books, magazines and ornaments.

Copyright: Nyta
URL: http://www.nyta.se/

7. Tilt Bras by Nyta

This chic and sleek lamp shade was the Winner of the German Design Award 2015 and it´s not hard to see why. A versatile decorative statement that sits as comfortably on a bedside table as above dining table, the Tilt can be moved around to focus on a space object to illuminate.