Rafael Grampá’s
10 Days in Berlin

While creating his first 3D animated film, Dark Noir, Rafael Grampá worked at a breakneck pace for two months at the London studio of animators Red Knuckles. As you can see by the behind the scenes video Grampá and Red Knuckles had their work cut out for them as they went through the detailed process of bringing 2D concepts to life as 3D characters, while also accepting live-suggestions from consumers through Facebook.

Needless to say, the team was exhausted by the time it was done.

Once most of the film was complete, Grampá packed up his bags, along with a group of friends, including Dark Noir’s music composer Marcio Chavemarin, and headed over to Berlin, where the film would premiere 10 days after he arrived. Over the course of these 10 days, Grampá worked out of the MADE space to put the final touches on the film, and see what this incredible city had to offer. With HighSnobiety Magazine editor-in-chief Robert Wunsch as his guide to the coolest and best restaurants in the city, he also met with a some of the most creative minds in the city, including designer Itamar Zechoval, and artist Jaybo Monk, along with some of the influential bloggers that were excited to see the premiere.

Once the premiere day came, Grampá and crew went back into high gear for a final weekend of celebration with media from all over the world attending the premiere, and a great crowd of Berliners who celebrated the premiere of this amazing film.