The iconic beauty of the It girl has always been a reflection of the young woman’s generational mindset. Those we deem It, represent the culture and values of the society of the time. In the 1920’s, it was the Flapper, boyish and athletic, a woman of progress and youthful exuberance. In the 60’s it was Marilyn, soft and sensual.

Most recently, it was Sex and the City which represented the epoch of glamour and feminine aspiration. Every young girl dreamed of cavorting around the Upper East Side in diamond encrusted Manolo Blahniks and a pink peplum dress similar to Carrie Bradshaw. Those young girls went out and bought Vogue and sipped Cosmopolitans. They had bank accounts to match the Clinton era boom. Times were prosperous and there was no war.

The look now can be described as beauty with an edge. Instagram is the new Vogue. The coolest girls are not only models, but also great photographers, DJ’s and artists. It’s not uncommon for one person, such as Tune darling Blanda Eggenschwiler, to do all these things. Today’s It Girl is a creator, as well as a subject, and muse. She comes from everywhere. As It Girls like Robyn Lawley prove, there is not one ideal body type. Some of our favorite It girls, like Andrej Pejic used to be boys. It’s a more open and inclusive world. The publication Galore exists to celebrate this world, and the It girls in it.

So who are these girls? They are DJ’s and musicians like Icona Pop or Nanga Niang or models like Chanel Iman or Ashley Smith. Some are just making their way onto the scene like 50’s era throwback Gia Genevieve and some iconic in their own right, such as Omahyra Mota. What they have in common is they are smart, talented, beautiful, and most importantly fearless.

The collaboration of Galore and Absolut Tune, through the Tune Darling program is committed to inspiring young women everywhere to change the world through their own strength and femininity.

Founded in 2013, Galore has cultivated a community of fascinating It girls that are the life of parties across NYC, Miami and LA. The collaboration fosters the inner spirit of a new generation of independent thinkers that aren’t afraid to try things in a new way. To follow along the fun, follow them on Instagram at @KittenGalore.

This is a new generation, and the world better get ready for it.

Text: Amanda Lang Photo: Jacob Dekat