Our Partners

The bottles are manufactured at our nearest glassworks in Limmared in southern Sweden, which limits the need for transportation. The clarity of our vodka is reflected in the bottleā€™s clear glass. 

Our clear bottle is made from 40 percent recycled glass, which reduces energy consumption in the otherwise energy-intensive glass manufacturing process. Glass is recyclable again and again, and glass scrap from production is, of course, used to make new Absolut bottles. 

Our aim is beautiful and durable packaging, and we use eco-design methods to achieve this. We choose colors and production techniques that minimize energy use in the glass design process, avoiding repeated or extended treatments in the furnace. We also limit the number of details on each bottle that can prevent recycling, ensuring our glass bottles can be recycled. 

Production waste such as cardboard and plastic packaging is also recycled. Our strong Swedish heritage makes this a natural part of our culture, as Sweden is among the top recycling countries in the world.