Free up some memory space for four apps that'll upgrade your NYE soiree. 


Best for:
Party hopping

Because new experiences are what good house parties are about, right? As well as the drink mixing, let there be some people mixing too. Our new app, Hoppr, is on hand to shake up your house party know how for the better. Skim through and see what house parties are nearby and swipe through potential new guests to invite over. 

Paperless Post

Best for: Inviting your party people

You're better than a Facebook event or creating those far too crowded Whatsapp groups. Get your unmissable event into your friends calendars the all out, no-fuss way: Paperless Post. 


Best for: World-class drinks at the press of a button (a metaphorical touch-screen button)

With over 500 different recipes based on vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whisky, you're neve short of inspiration with our app, Drinkspiration. Shopping lists, real-time popular orders and tailored recommnedations included. 


Best for: Delivering a bartender to your door

If you want the extra wow factor (and you do) there's the delivering mixologist app, Saucey. Though these bartenders only serve around Los Angeles, San Fran, Chicago or San Diego right now. 

Boomerang from Instagram

Best for: a strong selfie game

Elevate your selfie game with mini videos that loop back and forth with Boomerang from Instagram