Bringing the world’s best to the source of #AbsolutNights

Yes, we have our Absolut Invite 2016 Winners.

13 teams from 13 countries flew over to our Swedish home to compete in the final round with the aim of earning the coveted title - the world’s best bar team. Take a peek at what these rock star bar teams have been up to when the battle commenced between June 11 - June 14.

Day 1 -Starting in Åhus

The four-day competition kicked off in Åhus, in the south of Sweden, the idyllic spot where our passion for Absolut began. This tiny medieval town is the very heart of our One Source process, where every drop of Absolut is created from seed to sip – it all starts here!


After the teams settled into their surroundings, welcome drinks in hand, it was time for the first challenge – the knowledge quiz. Because we all know being a great bartender is so much more than mixing up a tasty cocktail. 

Day 2 - Breakfast at the Barn

Day two began with a lovely Swedish breakfast at the Skepparslöf barn, home to one of the many farms that are producing winter wheat for our vodka. Here bar teams were taken through our production story, given insight into our sustainability project and shown the importance of a circular economy, right on the very land where our one source story begins.

Onto the distillery tour

But it wasn’t all about relaxing in an idyllic country escape. No, next the teams were taken on a distillery tour to see the production line, connect with our carefully chosen ingredients of water and wheat...and of course, battled it out over a challenge or two. 

In our sensory challenge each team was served 12 different white spirits (including some of our favorite Absolut flavors), which they had to identify using only their nose and their sense of smell.

Challenge number 4 was all about consistency: two bartenders from one bar, with one giant screen in between them – no talking allowed. Could they mix three drinks in exactly the same way, without knowing what each other would do? 

Day 3 – Off to Stockholm

As the weary eyed teams were woken at the early hours of Monday morning, they made their way to the capital to compete in a day dedicated to team work! Running the gauntlet was the name of the game: ten rooms, three minutes in each room – the fastest team wins! 

Day 4 – Time to show off their skills 

After 3 days of team work, production and knowledge it was time for the bar teams to finally show off their skill behind the bar. The speed challenge the teams prepared ten drinks as fast as possible with no penalties, judged on speed, recipe and presentation.

Blind Pouring – backwards forwards, right hand, left hand, double hand, teams were tested on the fundamental part of bartending – pouring the correct measurements.

Bottoms up, it’s the big finale

After whittling our hopefuls down to four fearsomely talented teams it was time for the final challenge – Invite After Dark. Given their own pop up bar, the final four were challenged with serving their drinks in a pressure test situation: 100 drinks served in 90 minutes. 

Team Stockholm turn it up a notch

After all cocktails were poured, gauntlets were run and knowledge assessed, we had our winners! Charlotte Halsius and Johan Evers from cocktail bar Ling Long in Stockholm won the title. Read more about them on