Nightscapes by Absolut: Dance floor with Charlie Gadeken

If you’re lookin’ for some hot stuff, check out the world’s first pop-up interactive pyrotechnic dance floor…

Are you a fire starter? A twisted fire starter? Then you’ll love this explosive – and rather prodigal – dance floor.

In the bushveld of Johannesburg, Absolut joined forces with fire artist, Charlie Gadeken and put the power back in the party people’s hands with a new, smokin’ hot clubbing experience.

Inside the club – in this instance, a giant cube made from glass and mirror – participants transformed the night by busting some moves and triggering the dancefloor with their feet.

The result? A pyrotechnic display where the desert landscape outside became engulfed by an explosive mixture of smoke, sparks and colour. 

Take a look at how we got the crowd all fired up…