Absolut To Premiere Short Film:Roxanne

As part of our ongoing support for all types of self-expression, we are helping British film director, Paul Frankl, shed some much-needed light on issues within the transgender community.

Since its inception in 1979, Absolut has actively engaged and supported the LGBT community through unique collaborations with artists, charities and high profile personalities. From the launch of our limited edition Absolut Colors bottle and #LoveIsLove film to our cutting-edge features celebrating social progress – we’ve shown our commitment to diversity and freedom of speech in all its forms. 

Continuing our long-standing commitment to supporting the most exciting creative and artistic talent across a variety of media, we are now backing an artist who is looking to draw attention to transgender topics, which only recently have become part of mainstream conversation. 

In 2014, award-winning British writer and film director Paul Frankl approached Absolut via Twitter asking for support in producing a short film about a transgender sex worker in London’s Soho. With part of the budget raised on Kickstarter, we saw the vision of the Director, and agreed to provide the remaining funds to create the film.

Frankl often explores ethically driven stories within his filmmaking, with the aim of raising the visibility of those who are often marginalised. Roxanne aims to raise awareness of the issues facing transgender sex workers, while at the same time de-emphasizing gender as a defining characteristic. 

Roxanne was an important project for me because I wanted to feature someone of fluid gender, without being defined by their sex,” says Frankl. “I feel this is an important step in the journey to a more accepting and holistic view of gender and identity”.

The film will premiere later this month during London’s Pride week. In the meantime, you can watch the teaser of Roxanne here: