15 Nightlife Resolutions for 2015

The New Year is a time for reflecting, resolving, curating and creating. With that in mind, maybe you’ll want to resolve to try these 15 creative drink ideas for 2015, to help take your night from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Class In A Glass

Introduce your beverages to a new kind of glassware. From test tubes and spiral stems to teacups and lavish ladles, putting your contemporary concoction into a reimagined glass can heighten your overall drink experience. 

For drinkspiration, check out the Absolut Message in a Bottle, pictured above, or the Absolut Punch Bag.

2. Break The Ice

An often-overlooked yet essential element of a great cocktail. The addition of quality ice can make or break your cocktail. In 2015, why not mix it up a bit? For instance, do you like your drink on the rocks? How about in the rocks?

Hollow ice spheres are making it possible to infuse your favorite beverage into ice. Just break the ball when you’re ready to drink.

3. Keep It Fresh

Bring the “farm to table” trend to your refreshments. Grab or grow mint and basil plants to add a fresh twist to your cocktail. We suggest trying it out with our recipe for the basil-mint Mojito.

Looking for something a little more daring? Try combining our Absolut Citron, your preferred champagne and dehydrated ginger. The ginger will counteract with the bubbly, shooting sparkles within the glass. You can also freeze an edible flower, such as an orchid, for some fresh flare.

4. D.I.Y.

What do we love more than things that are farm-fresh? DIY, of course. Translate this into your cocktails by making your own syrups. Grab some leaves from one of your recently-purchased basil or mint plants and get cooking. All you need is half a cup of sugar, equal parts hot water, your freshly-picked leaves and a hot stove. Steep the three ingredients and enjoy!

Try adding your mint simple syrup to our Absolut Pineapple Mint for an extra burst of fresh.

5. Ingredient Ingenuity

In 2015, let’s get creative. Try adding something unique to your next homemade cocktail. Whether it’s candied bacon, vodka-pickled jalapenos, sugarcoated rosemary, or crushed candy canes, an unexpected garnish is sure to make your spirits standout.

But, if keeping it classic is your thing…

6. Mix And Match

We all have our favorite classic cocktail. But, we also all have our preferred spirit, and who says you can’t marry the two? For example, check out our Absolut version of the Old Fashioned. See more classic cocktails with an Absolut twist on absolutdrinks.com.

7. Short and Sweet

Options are an important part of life, so why not make them a part of your next drink experience? Next time you have a get together, create an array of mini or “short” cocktails for tasting. It may help your guests discover a new favorite.

8. You Can’t Make A Frothy Cocktail Without Breaking A Few Eggs

While egg whites may seem like a strange choice for a cocktail, you’ll soon reconsider when you taste your first frothy cocktail. Using fresh eggs, try it out with one of these drink recipes from our library. Pictured below is the Pisco Sour, a simple and delicious cocktail, perfect for a trial run.

9. The Perfect Pair

Food and drink go together like PB and J. So, why not complement your cocktail with a bite of food? We suggest a Caesar paired with a bite of gourmet grilled cheese, or martinis paired with watermelon; but you can get as creative as you like. When food is involved, there are no wrong answers.

10. Serve Up Drama

Bring a bit of theater to your next get together with a drink that performs. Check out the show that the Dynamic Diamond puts on.

It’s surprisingly simple to make. Find out how here.

11. Learn A New Cheers

Cheers, Proost, Kanpai, Salud, Mazel! The clinking of glasses is a universal gesture of good will, and it wouldn’t be the same without the famous one liner that goes along with it. Learn a few cheers in a new language to impress old friends and make new ones.

12. Sustain And Maintain

Do the planet (and yourself) a favor and repurpose our iconic Absolut bottle. Add new décor to your home by painting the bottle and putting in some fresh flowers. We love what Instagrammer @jacquipic did with the Absolut Vanilia bottle.

13. Appsolut

Technology is trending, and the cocktail world is an early adopter. Download Absolut’s Drinkspiration application for over 500 creative cocktail recipes. With drink recommendations based on your personal taste, real time stats on orders around the world, and step-by-step mixology lessons, you’ll be your own world-class bartender in no time.

14. Have your drink and eat it, too

Add an element of Absolut to your next recipe. From vodka sauces to delicious desserts, a dash of Absolut brings out flavours and sweetness to an array of dishes.

15. Coffee is so hot right now

Great coffee is a trend we hope never goes away. Shake things up with Absolut Vanilia Coffee. Best served on a cold winter day.

Whatever your resolutions, we wish you a happy 2015!

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