Bringing a World of Ideas to Life

Why does a person chose to be a writer? What is appealing about creating a universe from scratch – one where every character, place, and action is a product of your dreams and imagination? As a writer, you’re forced to lose yourself in a new existence, one controlled entirely by you. When put like that, it’s hard to imagine any occupation that could possibly be more enjoyable.

When Absolut first started working with Rafael Grampá during the Transform Today campaign, he explained that his dream was always to become a comic book artist, and to have the freedom to bring his ideas and characters to life. His transformative moment was when he decided to walk away from a comfortable job at an animation studio to be his own boss and to create whatever, and whomever he wanted.

 Needless to say, he has been very successful following his dream.

Over the past few months, Absolut has worked together with Grampá to create a concept that would allow him to share his dream in a tangible way. The goal was to enable global contributors to bring their own ideas to life, and truly discover their ability to create a new world.

To achieve this, fans from around the world have been invited to participate in the Next Frame project, where users will have the chance to collaborate with Grampá by submitting ideas, which will be incorporated into his latest story - as it is written. While Grampá will set the stage, users will have opportunities to give him suggestions on how the story should progress, and what the characters should do next, allowing them to step inside and become part of Grampá’s world of ideas.

While the global collaboration is one exciting part of the project, Next Frame also provides Grampá an opportunity to bring his dream to another level by turning the story into his first completely original animated film. Not only will Grampá be sharing his dream with others, but he will be adding whole new dimensions to his world of ideas. The final film will then be premiered in Berlin at MADE, a creative space by Absolut.

 One of the most amazing things about the writing process is the ability to create something that may not exist in the physical world, but is completely real to the creator.

Through the Next Frame project, Absolut and Rafael Grampá are offering participants from around the world to join in on this amazing process of creation, making the story a reality for all those involved.

There is no way to know how it will turn out. It all depends on how participants will direct the characters. The only way to find out is to sign on to, and either follow the action, or bring your own ideas to life by helping Grampá choose the Next Frame.