Apocalypse Postponed: an Art Bar by Nadim Abbas

Apocalypse Postponed: an Art Bar by Nadim Abbas

Art Basel in Hong Kong, May 2014

Hong Kong born and based artist Nadim Abbas is collaborating with Absolut to create an Art Bar Installation in Hong Kong for the duration of Art Basel in Hong Kong: Apocalypse Postponed – a bunker set in the skyline of Hong Kong.

Abbas studied art at London's Chelsea School of Art, as well as Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong. His Art Bar, Apocalypse Postponed, investigates areas beyond rudimentary contemporary art-related topics. Intrigued by bunkers, war and technology, these interest areas are reflected in the Art Bar collaboration.

An exclusive first look at Apocalypse Postponed


Nadim Abbas's Absolut Art Bar, “Apocalypse Postponed”: a cyberpunk bunker located on the 17th floor of the newly-opened Soundwill Plaza II–Midtown located in Causeway Bay, a notoriously dense and overpopulated section of Hong Kong. The location was perfect. Not yet renovated and thus still a grey concrete shell, the space was conceived by Abbas in collaboration with Sebastien Saint-Jean, with wall-to-wall sandbags framing metal-framed windows. A soundscape designed by Steve Hui filled the gaps in a performance programme co-curated by Xue Tan and Shane Aspergen, while a series of animations produced by Wong Ping added to the weird science fiction. In one four-screen installation, Wong Ping presented images that included a man humping a rice weevil (the rice weevil being one of the conceptual anchors for the project), a woman rope-bound and hanging from the ceiling, and a figure sitting alone in a room. In all, the project recalled an obvious reference: “Blade Runner,” a movie that is often associated with Hong Kong's urban landscape, while referencing certain themes in Abbas's work—for one, the concept of the Otaku—the isolated cyber-obsessive who lives reclusively, finding company in a virtual world. See our great moments during Art Basel in Hong Kong here.


The cocktail collection by Nadim Abbas and Absolut

鐵飯碗 (Iron Rice Bowl)
Puffed rice infused Absolut Vodka and White Chocolate syrup stirred and served straight up in a metal rice bowl.

Absolut vodka, Sake, Guava, Lime, Ginger, Lime leaf syrup, Club Soda and Calcium. Shaken and served straight up in a plastic highball together with a Calcium tablet and Ginger pipet.

2666: A Space Cocktail
Absolut vodka, Pomegranate, Beetroot, Citrus, Ginseng tea and Absinth. Served in space vacuum drink pack.

Black Dog
Absolut Elyx, Lapsang tea reduction and Cherry liqueur. Stirred and served over a large ice cube into an aluminum muffin cup.

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