The Absolut Art Award acknowledges and sustains the activities of the most exciting creative visionaries of our time.

The Absolut Art Award was instituted in 2009 to mark 30 years of creative collaborations between Absolut and artists. Winners to date include Renata Lucas - Art & Coco Fusco – Art Writing (2013), Anri Sala (2011), Rirkrit Tiravanija (2010) and Keren Cytter (2009).

In 2013 Absolut developed a new format for the award.
There are main changes to the format of the Absolut Art Award:

  • 1. The introduction of two categories: art work and art writing
  • 2. The opportunity for the winner in each category to produce a new works/series of works, and a publication respectively.
  • 3. Open & transparent selection process

Two categories: Art Work & Art Writing
The Absolut Art Award is unique in its support of both art and art writing. Celebrating both images and ideas, it awards the capacity to enhance social imagination and experience, in addition to collaborative transformative projects.

Art Work
This category offers a EUR 20,000 cash prize, complemented by a budget of up to EUR 100,000 to produce an artwork or series of works.

Art Writing
This category offers a EUR 20,000 cash prize, complemented by a budget of up to EUR 25,000 to be used for the publication and distribution of a new publication. Jury process

Every two years a new Jury President is asked to head the Jury, the president together with Absolut then invites an additional four members to join.

The structure of the selection process for the Absolut Art Award allows for the five Jury members to ask 10 people (writers, curators; art professionals from across the globe) to be nominators. They nominate talent across the visual arts and art writing. This will ensure a diverse group of artists and writers from across the world. The Jury and the nominators then each nominate five artists and one writer, based on their past work. This will lead up to 50 nominees for the Art Work category and 10 nominees for the Art Writing category. Five finalists for each category are then selected by the jury, contacted and each offered EUR 2,000 to work on a proposal for a publication or an artwork. The jury deliberates a second time to agree on a winner for each category, based exclusively on the quality of the project proposal.

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