Absolut Electrik House: a next-level house party

Drone bartenders, energy-measuring bracelets and Empire of the sun were a part of our one-of-a-kind house party in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Everyone loves a great house party. 

It brings the simple, yet complex question of whether to go our or to stay in into a beautiful concoction. Voila. A solition. You have the best of both worlds. 

And so, we wanted to push and transform the classic house party to an even greater and more futuristic level. Enter: Absolut Electrik House. 

Our Electrik House was located in Downtown LA and at first appeared to have standard rooms, including a kitchen, den, living room, garage and a backyard.  

But as with any house party, the people made the party. Literally. We utilized the energy levels of houseguests – with the help of fashion and technology brand, Studio XO, we measured the energy with biometric bracelets. And then, when energy levels reached a high point, a series of epic rooms and experiences were unlocked for the guests to explore. Transforming the rooms in response to the rising energy of the house guests. 

From drone bartenders shaking up cocktails in the kitchen to a transcendent performance by Empire of the Sun in the backyard, a static floor that made your hair rise – and a band made entirely of robots playing music in the garage.

Is your party antenna picking up these epic signals yet?