An Amazonian jungle pops up in Colombia’s capital. Tropical flavors and ancestral beats included.

Like to get wild? Like, really wild? Well, read on and you won’t be disappointed! That’s because we have just joined forces with T310/Absent Papa to connect with the deep roots of the Amazonian jungle and bring it over to Absolut Art Bar Bogotá - Payé for one wild #AbsolutNight. 

Held in contemporary art venue Espacio Odeón, the concrete space was transformed as the the quirks of jungle and urban design combined. Intrepid explorers (aka our stylish guests) were invited to step back into nature and explore the heady Amazonian environment.

The live music brought out the tropical art and flavors further still. T310 and Absent Papa put together a tropical musical line-up featuring everything from Bogotan rhumba fusions, to sun-kissed afro-Caribbean sounds from the likes of MITU and fresh, young Colombian producer Bleepolar. 

Payé is the latest Absolut Art Bar to pop-up around the world. You may have already been lucky enough to see a rainbow-coloured Hong Kong at Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality and the Aztec empire reincarnated in Art Bar: Mexico City

Of course it wouldn’t be an Absolut Art Bar without an impressive array of cocktails to match – mixed by some of the local bartending heroes. So, here’s what we drank...

The Waira
Bartender: Martha Alvarez

1 ½ ounces of Absolut Citron
2 ounces of copoazú
1/4 ounce Simple Syrup
Garnish: mix of sea salt + cocoa and lemon zest and serve in a calabash. 

Bartender: Daniel Garcia

1 ½ ounces of Absolut Vanilia
1 ½ ounces of apple juice
3/4 ounce lemon juice
½ ounce of cinnamon syrup
Garnish with slices of green apple and cinnamon sticks.

Bartender: Andres Ramirez Yarol

1 ½ ounces of Absolut Ruby Red
1/3 Bols triple sec
3 1/3 ounces of tonic water
20 grams of yacon (tuber)
1 ounce of organic honey
5 g of dried coca leaf (ground)
½ ounce lemon juice
crushed ice

Our Lung
Bartender: Alma Sepulveda

1 1/3 ounces of Absolut Citron
½ ounce of syrup of cedar
½ ounce grapefruit juice
Top with Ginger Ale
Garnish with an edible flower.