Absolut Oz: A Baz Luhrmann Production

When Baz Luhrmann speaks about how he came up with the concept for Absolut Oz, a new limited edition vodka, he describes that no matter what medium he works with - film, theatre, opera, music - his main focus is on conveying an idea through storytelling.

This emphasis on the idea is important when looking at how Luhrmann approached this collaboration.

Over the years, scores of artists have re-imagined the Absolut bottle in a variety of forms. It has been reshaped as a sculpture of neon lights, incorporated into furniture, and turned into a motor scooter, among other things. The bottle is no longer just a canvas, but its own medium in which an artist can express his or her idea.

For a film director known for making big movies, he approached this project no differently, expressing a very large, powerful idea through this unusual medium. According to him, “Absolut Oz is a distillation of the unifying truth that we are all equal under the sun.”