Nights by Absolut: Sao Paulo

Stepping into a new persona and seeing nightlife like never before

Before any big night, there is usually a process of putting on some sort of costume: the weekend you. Even if no one wants to admit it, Friday and Saturday nights usually require a little more time in front of the mirror getting your clothes just right, or making sure your hair falls in just that perfect way.

What if the weekend you was more than just some new clothes? What if you adopted a whole new personality. For the final Nights by Absolut launch event, we went down to Sao Paulo, Brazil and tested this idea out.

Set in the amazing Maison de Victor Hugo, each guest was given a character for the night with a new persona, new clothing, and a mission. An army of make-up artists then worked on each guest to complete the transformation.

When it was time for the event to start, each guest had become one of the greatest revelers in history, and was ready for the greatest party of all time. Following through a non-linear storyline, each guest contributed to the story and sought out the path of their character.

As the final event of the Nights by Absolut launch series, which has included events in New York, Johannesburg, and Berlin it was the perfect way to summarize the goal of the experiences. Absolut is on a mission to inspire people to realize how creativity can transform and elevate your nights out.